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$10 Friday | Summer Fun for Foster Youth

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Before it is time to return to school we want to help our foster youth have fun outdoors. We want to encourage our kids to step away from tv and electronics, get up and move, and have fun outside! Our staff has shared that many of our kids have desires to go swimming, fishing, learn to ride a bike and many other fun activities. 

For this week’s $10 Friday request we would love to have a fund to get them the supplies they need to do these things! We have already had a few requests for swimsuits, goggles and fishing poles!

We hope you will consider donating $10 so that we can start purchasing and distributing these items to our foster kids as needed.  You can donate easily online by clicking here – and help create some summer fun!

These are the type of memories we love to create…we can only do that with your generosity and caring hearts!

Questions? Please contact Ashley Pester, Development Director at apester@choicesfostercare.com or  (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.

Thank you for your support of our kids through our $10 Friday fundraiser!




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