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Adoption Day for Rodney



Last Friday one of our foster families had a very special day! 5 year old Rodney was adopted by his loving foster parents, and the whole family was able to attend.

Rodney was placed in foster care at 10 months, he came from a home of severe neglect and domestic violence. He was delayed in speech and occupational therapies. He is now 5 and has had so much progress, he no longer needs occupational therapy.

His foster parents didn’t plan on adopting when they started to foster with CHOICES. They love Rodney so much and couldn’t imagine letting him go.  Their older children and grand children were able to attend the court hearing and welcome Rodney into the family!


Rodney brought along his favorite stuffed animal “Tiger” for his big day. As people hugged Rodney he made sure Tiger gave them a hug too. When all of the formalities were finished Rodney invited everyone to go to Tim Horton’s to celebrate. He said he was going to have the mac and cheese.

Congratulations to Rodney and his forever family. In celebration we are working with One Simple Wish to help provide Rodney a new bedroom set for his room.  You can help, click here to see Rodney’s wish! You can also read about Rodney’s love for animals and bugs.

A few more pictures….




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