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Birthday Wish | Orthopedic Shoes to Help Bryson Walk


****wish granted****


Today we have a special wish for Bryson who is in one of our foster homes…and it happens to be his 4th birthday today! He is such a wonderful little boy who needs specially made shoes to help him learn how to walk independently.

When Bryson was born his doctor’s reported that he was missing several parts of his brain, and they didn’t believe he would ever walk or talk.  His foster parents, who have cared for him since birth, have worked with him endlessly to get him the best services.

Now at the age of 4 he CAN walk with a walker but the next step according to his therapy team is to get him to walk with a 4 prong cane. It has been recommended he gets a pair of orthopedic shoes with brace like support as he starts this next step. The shoes are over $200 and we would like to help with cost of them.  We already have a generous donor that has pledged $100. Can you help us raise $100 more? Donate easily online by clicking here.

We are proud of the progress Bryson as made; he is doing things his doctor’s didn’t think would even be possible. He started attending a special needs preschool. One of the goals is to have him walk with the other kids to activities at the center. The walk is long, so for now they push him in a wheelchair. This therapy will hopefully help him be more included in the class. For now he is started to practice taking steps. When he takes steps unassisted he gets really excited!

The shoes will be more comfortable for Bryson due to the formation of his feet and ankles. His leg braces he has now support his ankles but hurt him, so he doesn’t like wearing them. These shoes will help him walk and eliminate the pain of the hard plastic rubbing on his ankles.

Bryson LOVES to talk, and he speaks better than most kids his age.  He has truly overcome the odds and continues to have physical, occupational and speech therapy weekly at school to help him develop as much as possible.

He also LOVES to bowl, check him out at special needs time below! You can help Bryson work to reach his next goal!

If you have questions please contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at apester@choicesfostercare.com or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.


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