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CHOICES new mission and vision

We have finished an exciting 6 months of strategic planning for CHOICES. Our Board of Trustees, management team, and staff have been working diligently to set the path for CHOICES for the next 3 years. We interviewed many key stakeholders who partner with us or receive our services to outline where we currently stand with service delivery and culture. The feedback helped drive our ideas for the future. Thank you to each of you who participated in the process.

Our whole team is excited about the future! In the last 10 years our programs have changed and evolved. We have add new family stabilization services, we are serving more kids across all programs and the climate of child welfare has changed. We all know that now, more than ever the need for foster parents is HUGE. Keeping all these things in mind we have outlined a remarkable plan to have a great impact in the area with our programs.

Our first step was to review and assess our mission, vision and core values. This is CHOICES! We want to display these qualities in every interaction with one another, our families, youth and partners. Check out our updated mission, vision and values below!

Mission: To bring change to youth and families by providing personalized services and building safe environments.

Vision: CHOICES will be recognized as a leader for foster care, mental health, independent living, and family preservation services in Southwest Ohio. Over the next 3 years CHOICES will increase capacity to continue to strengthen our communities as well as improve outcomes for those we serve. We will provide high quality services to youth and families while maximizing relationships with established partners. We will continue staff development and support through progressive and innovative employee training and retention programs. Funding streams will be diversified and financial sustainability will be increased across all programs.

Core Values:

  • Compassion We believe in meeting individuals in their current reality with understanding
  • Trust We believe honesty is essential to our culture. Our transparent and ethical actions build trust with youth, families and the community.
  • Commitment We believe in consistently delivering on expectations and go the extra mile to get the job done.
  • Teamwork We believe great ideas and best outcomes happen in inclusive environments
  • Innovation We believe in developing new and creative ways to serve people. We listen to all ideas.


We have already started to execute parts of the plan, we have many long-term goals. However, we have hit the ground running with many of our strategies. The CHOICES team is looking forward to the future and your involvement with us!

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