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Donations for Sports Fees Needed | Foster Youth wants to Wrestle

The CHOICES family always gets excited when a youth in one of our programs wants to try something new.  Sebastian is a 12 year old boy in our foster care program and he has expressed an interest in wrestling this year.

Sebastian is in the 6th grade, and prior to foster care he was not given many opportunities to try new things. He was living with his Great-Grandmother who was unable to give him the opportunities to play sports or be active in other school clubs.

We know that our donors can rally around Sebastian so that he can try this sport for the first time. Sebastian’s fees to participate are $100.  You can donate easily online by clicking here.

Sebastian has only been with us for about a month, this is our chance to show him what CHOICES is all about….saying YES to our KIDS! His foster parents are very supportive and have committed to buy him the gear he needs like shoes and proper attire.

Questions? Contact Ashley Schiffer, Development Director at (937) 264-0084 ext. 122 or aschiffer@choicesfostercare.com


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