Employee of the Quarter: Brad Reigelsperger

This quarter we would like to recognize Brad Reigelsperger for Living the Mission of CHOICES.  Brad’s heart is in helping teens, but he eagerly returned to CHOICES when a foster care position became available. His positivity and ability to build rapport with youth and parents is unmatched!  

Brad is committed to the youth and families he has worked with in foster care and independent living. He invests in building long-term relationships, which helps our kids in big ways. Even after leaving care, youth know they can count on Brad to be a listening ear and encourager. Brad jumped into his foster care case manager role eager to learn.  As Josh Shipp says, “Every youth is one caring adult away from being a success story.” That’s Brad, he’s the adult for so many kids! He makes sure needs are met and is always one to share the success of youth on his caseload. He brings positivity to each team meeting and can be seen at nearly every CHOICES event.

Brad’s hidden talent is finding apartments for our transitional age youth. He is the landlord whisperer. Even when he was employed elsewhere, he was willing to contract with us to hunt down near impossible locations for housing. Give the man 24 hours and he can make a deal! Brad continues to be a calming force, giant source of stability, and connector of resources for independent living youth (and staff). He can articulate real time solutions that are in the best interests of our young people. 

When we think of Brad, we certainly think of teamwork.  He has been working his own caseload and transitioning back to an Independent Living role. He did his best to participate in team meetings and activities for both departments while still showing up for his foster families.  Brad has so much compassion in helping our kids and families. We know he will continue to show up to CHOICES events to help each kid be their own success story. We appreciate your commitment to serving our mission, kids and families!

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