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Employee of the Quarter | Earl Nichols

This quarter we would like to recognize Earl Nichols for Living the Mission of CHOICES. He excels at developing relationships with more challenging kids. He has no quit in him, working steadily along kids, bio families, and foster families to meet goals.

Earl is a long-lasting member of our home-based services team. He is always active and engaged in meetings, offering that positive perspective, new ideas, and encouragement to serve our clients.  He is everything you would expect a counselor to be, dependable, reassuring and eternally optimistic. You will be hard pressed to find him NOT smiling when he is in the office. He even attends HBS fundraising events post-surgery on crutches – that’s commitment!

There is no doubt that providing in-home therapy is hard and can be trying at times. Earl makes it look so easy when developing relationships with his kids. So many times, it seems like he is the only supporter of the child. His compassion shines through and he is willing to do some crazy things to help them succeed.  As a reward for some special foster youth he has been willing to dress up in crazy outfits, and try some fear factor worthy food combinations. To see the smiles on the boys faces that day was priceless. In this moment, his client was able to let his guard down and experience joy.

We are grateful Earl’s past 5 years of service with CHOICES. He recently has been training new staff in the HBS program, and all reports are good! Earl is often requested by past clients, county agencies, and schools because of his positive impact and reputation. He has been best described as having a calm and humble vibe, also known for being the office’s biggest Ohio State fan! Go Bucks! We appreciate your commitment, compassion and innovation in providing services to our kids and families!

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