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Employee of the Quarter | Faith Teaford

This quarter we would like to recognize Faith Teaford for Living the Mission of CHOICES. Faith is the embodiment of a committed employee. During her time with CHOICES she has consistently showed up for her families, youth, and teammates.

Faith started her role in foster care directly out of college; she was eager to learn and quickly became an advocate for her youth. Faith has never wavered in providing exceptional care. Often found in difficult “one of a kind” situations she remains calm and can easily navigate the road ahead.  Because of her compassion, she never wants the youth to feel alone, and that even includes staying at the hospital overnight to be a support.

Faith is most certainly loved and adored by her foster care team. Faith is approachable, funny, and has an easygoing personality. Faith is liked by all of her coworkers and clients. She has helped to train many new staff in the foster care program, quick to offer them to shadow her on visits and to help them with carelogic. We have been impressed with her winning teamwork attitude! During a bumpy summer being down staff and leadership being out on leave, Faith stepped up to help train and support her team!

No foster care brag would be complete if we did not mention documentation! Faith is very smart and uses that intelligence to provide well-written documentation. She learned quickly and caught on to the required documentation, forms, and her role as a case manager.

We are grateful to have someone on our team who is committed, shows compassion and always shows up to be a part of the team. Faith is truly an advocate for all those she interacts with at CHOICES. When things do not go as planned Faith is adaptable and willing to help anyway she can.  Congrats to Faith, we look forward to seeing how you will excel as part of our team.

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