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Employee of the Quarter | Kim Moreth

This quarter we would like to recognize Kim Moreth for Living the Mission of CHOICES.  In one word Kim is authentic, the very essence of genuine concern for the people she serves.

Kim is dedicated to the families we serve; she goes above and beyond working with our Warren county family conflict program. Kim receives kudos from Juvenile Justice workers and families. Kim is an empath and embodies the true meaning of compassion and partnership with families. During a recent family check in by her supervisor, the Mom was in tears and shared, “I’m blown away with how Kim showed up and walked alongside my children and family to assist us through a tough time.” Kim is an empath and embodies the true meaning of compassion and partnership with families.

If you ask anyone from CHOICES, they will say Kim is a resource guru. She has a wealth of knowledge, but is not afraid to learn new things. She is inquisitive about other programs and jumps at the opportunity to learn more about trauma and anyway to help her families progress. Her commitment helps her leave clients in a better place when services end.

As a co-worker, Kim is kind, approachable and funny. You can tell she really cares when she shares the successes of her clients in our all staff meetings. Sometimes she can fly under the radar because she is in the field every day. She often earns the incentive for client contact hours monthly. Kim does not shy away from also being at CHOICES events; she really loves to attend PRIDE. You can see her at HBS play days and program fundraisers. Kim is always willing to take out new staff to train, and will jump right in sharing her resource knowledge.

It is with great pleasure we award you Employee of the Quarter for embodying our core values, especially compassion, commitment and innovation. We are grateful to have you on the CHOICES team helping our families succeed and grow!

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