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Employee of the Quarter | Melissa Bowers

For the fourth quarter of FY20 we would like to recognize Melissa Bowers for Living the Mission of CHOICES. Melissa has the heart of a servant and wants to be of service to all who are a part of CHOICES. She is selfless and thrives when she is doing for others. She truly is a rockstar at all admin tasks and goes above and beyond to make our offices run smoothly.

Melissa is quick to help in any way she can, often doing tasks outside the realm of her job description. She willingly helps make our space organized and looking fresh. She has been found painting offices, bathrooms, killing bugs and sprucing up landscaping. Melissa works hard to change office space to accommodate our growing team, even if it includes heavy lifting like moving cubicle walls and desks.

When you give her a project she takes it on and completes it. She is innovative and finds the best, yet most economical way to do something. She recently took ownership of the great task of moving our Cincinnati office. With her excellent communication to our Cincinnati staff, and thoughtful details the move was as seamless as possible. Her commitment to resourcefulness helped score new desks from a seller in Columbus, which she facilitated, start to finish saving us lots of money.

Due to her position at CHOICES and location of her desk, she has to deal with many distractions and continues to excel at completing her job. It is always nice to walk by her desk for a quick chat to be embraced by her usual compliments and listening ear. Melissa is trustworthy, honest and humble. Often the eyes of all operations she is able to speak up when she sees a problem as well as see herself in part of the solution.

Melissa is a dedicated and loyal employee. Her absence is always noticeable, but we certainly believe she deserves to take a break and fill her own cup.  We appreciate her knack for donation organization, consistent and timely communication, and willingness to help all employees. We appreciate your service, work ethic and compassion for all that are a part of CHOICES.

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