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Employee of the Quarter | Patrick Beiting

This quarter we would like to recognize Patrick Beiting for Living the Mission of CHOICES. Patrick is committed to our mission and meets his young adults where they are to develop a unique plan to help them achieve success.

Patrick has been a member of our Independent Living team for quite some time. In the last six months, he has taken on the role of serving young adults with higher needs. Many suffer with severe mental illness, drug addiction, and myriad of other challenges. Patrick is committed to building trust with his caseload, knowing that without trust it will be more difficult to help the youth progress in the program. No matter what challenges are thrown at him, and sometimes it seems like there is a new one each day; Patrick is committed to helping our young people achieve success and self-sufficiency.

Most recently, Patrick has achieved growth in his ability to provide mental health services to his clients. He is committed to doing anything he can to provide safety for them. He is eager to learn new interventions and tools to serve his caseload. He continues to shake things up and push each young person’s support team to provide them with resources and opportunities that will enhance their lives. Our contract agencies are noticing his commitment too, and are often requesting him to work with a specific young adult entering our program.

Patrick has a peaceful demeanor when working with his team and in meetings. He is an active participant in CHOICES activities, especially anything that involves the outdoors. He knows not every young person is as comfortable as he is in nature. He is able to calm their nerves and encourage them to try new things. Our young people will often find that they are able to conquer the challenge ahead, that they just needed the extra push Patrick offers.

We are grateful to have someone on our team who shows so much compassion and commitment to our young adults, especially those who often get overlooked. He is a glowing representative of our independent living team! We also appreciate his ability to have FUN – Patrick is always willing to dress up for our spirit days and his Christmas sweaters are LEGENDARY.

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