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Employee of the Quarter | Sara Balog

For the second quarter we would like to recognize Sara Balog for Living the Mission of CHOICES. From the very beginning, passion has motivated her performance. This quality helps her excel with her clients but also in building relationships with coworkers and community partners.

Sara is one of the most humble, happy and hardworking people at CHOICES. She jumps at the opportunity to help her program and the agency, always with much enthusiasm and a big smile. From the beginning she put her best foot forward not just to learn the admin side of her job but also how to be a compassionate and caring therapist with her youth.

Sara connects well to her youth but goes the extra mile to establish a professional relationship with them. We love to see kids running up to her at CHOICES events to give her a big hug and share their latest success. She is always a welcome participant at all CHOICES activities including conferences, picnics, and summer activities.

She knows the value of marketing the home-based services program in the community. She has spent extra hours working to present at Emerson Academy to share our mission and expand our services. She invests in the wellbeing of every youth and works hard to make sure each one receives the best possible services.

Sara is a natural when it comes to creating and maintaining positive relationships. Our clients, community partners and staff only have wonderful things to say about her work and cheerful disposition. We also love her macaroni and cheese! Sara is a one in a million person and we are grateful to have her on our team!


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