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Foster Parent of the Year 2020 | Amy Bobbitt

When you answer the call to become a foster parent, it is more than loving and caring for a child. While these qualities are considered most important there are many other layers to providing stability and connection. Unless you have fostered you may not realize the monumental task of organizing schedules of youth in your home.  There are treatment team meetings, therapy appointments, biological family visits, regular doctor appointments, parent teacher conferences, extra-curricular activities and the list goes on.

This year’s Foster Parent of the Year goes above and beyond to do all of these things, and also often takes after hours or emergency placements. She truly is wonder woman! It is with great pleasure to announce Amy Bobbitt as our Foster Parent of the Year for 2020.

Our foster parent of the year is dedicated to providing permanency to youth in her home. She has 12 kids permanency with 2 adoptions in the works and another 2 in consideration should the county obtain permanent custody. She has strategically added rooms onto her home to accept more youth and has made her home welcoming and kid friendly. There are many opportunities for outside play with a swimming pool, trampoline and many bikes. It is no surprise when kids visit for respite it is hard for them to leave. Amy rarely has open beds as she loves having kids in her home and she is well respected among county partners.

Every child placed in her home leaves a special mark on her heart and earns a spot on her heart wall, keeping tracking of all the kids who have lived there.  She is able to make every youth feel important and meet their unique needs. If difficult situations arise, Amy makes special arrangements for some one on one time. She is willing to keep lines of communication open after youth reunify or move on from her home. Amy never misses a sporting event (unless there is a scheduling conflict), she ensures each youth feels special in her home, and many of her kids are involved at church too. A family favorite is eating out on Friday nights.

Amy is a compassionate listening mother that is able to quickly make kids feel at ease. Not only is she very funny, she is also patient and understanding. Amy fosters many different age groups and has created a family and home that is all-inclusive. It is a great pleasure to recognize your dedication and commitment to our kids! Thank you Amy for bringing change and stability to so many youth!

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