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Réneé is a seventeen year old in foster care who was anxious to share the following poem with her CHOICES worker. “She is a hard worker, outgoing, friendly and positive,” her worker told us. Réneé has decided to be all these things, her poem captures the journey of her emotions.

She is learning to love and wants positive attention from those around her. Réneé uses journaling and exercise to clear her mind of negative thoughts. In addition to writing, she likes arts and crafts.   Réneé has made tremendous progress over the last few months, and has a can do attitude.


By: Réneé P.

Maybe I’m a dreamer,

Maybe I’m misunderstood,

Maybe my tears I cry are raindrops,

I’m scared,

I think I’m too crazy,

I’m a loser,

Maybe I’m the only one here,

Maybe no one can hear me,

Or see me,

Maybe I’m not supposed to be loved,

Maybe you’re not opening your eyes to see

the side of me you should,

I’ll just lay here for a bit,

I can’t say it anymore!

Maybe I have had enough!

Maybe I’ll just give up on life!

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe,

I think I’m too weird!

Why can’t you see me,

Everything you say or do to me, you’re kill me,

inside and out.

My heart is just a block of ice,

Maybe you think I’m useless,

Maybe I’m hopeless and worthless,

I’m just too sad,

Maybe all of this is just a dream,

I’m trying too hard,

I’m not pretty,

I’m not smart,

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe,

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes,

Maybe I just need to take a deep breath,

And open my eyes

And push all these bad thoughts aside.

I’ll push myself to reach my goal in life,

I know I’m not only,

Maybe I’m the one who needs to stop and think,

I’m myself, no one else,

Maybe I have the power to change myself,

Maybe I’m the one who can be myself,

I’m the one who owns and controls my life,

No one else is me,

Maybe I’ll stand up for myself and make my own path,

Maybe today is the day, I’ll prove to you that I can do right,

And keep going on and on,

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.

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