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Giving Tuesday | Be a Memory Creator for Foster Youth

It seems so long ago that our world as we knew it changed in the course of a week.

Do you remember the uncertainty? Do you remember the feeling of panic when you saw grocery shelves emptied daily? Do you remember the overwhelming feeling you had as you worked to rearrange your work schedule, your kid’s schedule? Do you remember how you felt talking to loved ones, unsure when you would actually hug them again? Do you remember trying to figure out who was in charge and there to help you?

In the blink of an eye, it all changed on a massive scale that we all will remember for the rest of our lives.

Now….consider the emotion, rapid changes and uncertainty from March and how every, single day kids across America are regularly experiencing those emotions due to loss of family, abuse and neglect.

Imagine being the oldest child of four and finding out that the place you feel most safe is closing…school. You and your siblings ate two meals a day at school. It was where your teacher made you smile and feel loved. You have been told you will be learning from home…maybe for the rest of the school year.

How will that work? Who is going to provide you a computer? How will you learn at home with no internet? Where are your meals coming from? You are not sure when your parents will be home again…and they want you to finish the year from home? Your brother is six, only in kindergarten. Who is going to help him read and do his work?

You have hoped that Mrs. Smith may ask about the bruises on your arm again, you said next time it happens you are going to tell her the truth…

…will you feel safe again?

Our kids need your support now more than ever. Our mission to bring change within all of our programs is vital to our community. Rest assured, with your support we are still working to provide a joyful season to the kids and families of CHOICES. With your help we will continue to create memories alongside our families!

Your donation on Giving Tuesday will support the last minute needs of our socially distanced Christmas efforts and to provide support to our programs as we enter 2021.  While our wish lists and giving efforts are complete, we are still working to fulfill last minute needs.

You will help meet the urgent needs of kids entering care in the upcoming months, this could include clothing, a winter coat, or therapy tools for telehealth sessions. We have learned that the needs and circumstances surrounding foster care and COVID are unique and your mission support allows for flexibility in meeting unique needs.

Any amount you are able to donate today will help our local community through this time. Click here to donate online! Your belief in our mission will help us continue to license foster parents, provide safety to youth, help teens transition from foster care and address the critical need for youth mental health services.

Joy and positive memories will still be staples of the upcoming months for our kids!

Your support helps create a safe place for kids.

Your support helps our team establish a unique consistent routine that establishes some normalcy.

Your support shows our kids that someone cares, giving us the flexibility to help in a variety of ways. Through innovation, collaboration and compassion our programs will continue and our kids will thrive.

We’re in this together, for our kids!


Checks can be mailed to CHOICES, Inc. 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439. You can also give on Venmo @choicesinc (last four of phone is 9496) Questions? Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director at 937-264-0084 ext. 122.


Thank you for supporting our mission during the changes of 2020!


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