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Helping Foster Youth with School Supplies | Troy BNI Chapter Organizes a Drive

The dedicated team at CHOICES is in the middle of their 3rd Annual School supply drive with a lofty goal, to provide 100 kids school supplies in their programs. We know we can’t provide everything on each child’s list…but we also know the donations we collect do make a difference.

We were blessed to receive a phone call from the Rapid Referral Chapter of BNI that meets in Troy each week. They had seen our call to action in a quarterly newsletter and got to work, organizing their own drive.  The same chapter has supported CHOICES the past 3 years at Christmas time.

“As business professionals and members of the community we believe it’s important to give back,” Todd Carr, President of The Rapid Referral Chapter of Troy BNI said.   “We feel blessed with the opportunities that have allowed our group to provide support for entities such as, CHOICES, the Lincoln Community Center and others.”

The donation from the BNI chapter came at the perfect time, our back pack supply was dwindling!  The following week CHOICES attended the BNI meeting to thank the members and shared that the backpacks were all distributed to kids within 24 hours.

BNI Backpacks

It was then that a generous member donated an additional $100 for CHOICES to get 20 more backpacks from another member who owns a printing business.

CHOICES is well on their way to meet the needs of 100 youth, we are 3/4 of the way there. The school supply drive helps youth as the school year begins, but all extra supplies and funds continue to help youth who will enter foster care later this year.

CHOICES would like to thank the Rapid Referral Chapter in Troy for their dedication to helping our kids.  We look forward to working with the members again in December.

Want to know more about the Rapid Referral Chapter? Contact Todd Carr at 937-335-8914 or stop by their weekly meeting held every Wednesday at the Robinson Branch YMCA in Troy at 7:30 AM.

CHOICES is also still seeking donations for the school supply drive – as we want to help kids throughout the school year! There is still time to donate. Contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesfostercare.com or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.

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