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It’s the Little Things

Every teenager in America struggles with it and every parent nags about it, doing chores. It is no different with our kids in care, but one of them has turned around and we think it is worth noting!

We have a fourteen year old female in care that has been told by her foster mom to do chores over and over.  The plea never changed, but it was consistent.  Her CHOICES and county worker have been working with her as well, and someone must have gotten through to her because suddenly she was motivated.

This young lady went from not doing any chores to completing all of her chores the last 2 weeks and cooking a meal for the family once a week. Her foster mom is so proud of her and amazed with the turn-around, and so are we!

Sorry, guys we don’t have a plan that you can implement in your home to see the same result, persistence pays off, and hopefully this gives you hope with your teens!

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