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June Fundraiser | Camp Adventure for IL Foster Teens

**This fundraiser has expired. This is an event that we do each year for our teens, if you would like to donate to support future trips please contact Ashley at apester@choicesohio.org or 937-264-0084 ext. 122**

With your help we will be able to provide fun, inclusive and new opportunities to youth in our independent living. For June our monthly fundraiser is to help support Camp Adventures for our young adults! Your donation will support our trips – sending the boys independent living group to Red River Gorge and the girls independent living group to Mammoth Cave.

Click here do donate to our Camp Fund!

Check out the IMPACT of last year’s trip!

Their hiking boots were tied tight, water backpack filled and a rain coat packed away just in case…five young men were about to set off to hike Natural Bridge Blue Trail at Red River Gorge.

It had rained in the morning, but the boys stayed dry, except for staff leader Mr. Brad whose tent leaked. Even then, he didn’t seem too bothered.

The rain cleared and a beautiful day started to appear. A perfect example of how a difficult beginning can always get better, an important lesson for our teens who have grown up in foster care.

With bellies full from a breakfast prepared at their campsite, the boys were ready to roll! This was a first for all of them. The first time camping in a tent, hiking, experiencing an underwater cave tour by boat.

The trail was difficult and took 3 hours to complete. This adventure was unlike anything they had experienced, but the reward was worth it.

Each young man was grateful to have accepted the challenge to see the views, all agreeing it was well worth the exhaustion.

Challenging situations are not new to teens in foster care. They have their own mountains to climb as they transition to young adulthood. Much like this adventure, there is a lot of unknowns for these young men.

We hope you will consider supporting CHOICES annual nature explorations for teens in our independent living program. Donate today!

This is more than a trip or vacation for our teens…it is a  memory they will treasure for years to come, they will overcome fears and self-doubt. You will help them learn that it is okay to be unsure and try something new – being outside of your comfort zone is okay.

            It is hard to quantify the impact this adventure has…kids come back different. They are open to connection, they are open to setting higher goals for themselves; they are open to all the possibilities. We need your help to continue this tradition! But, that’s not all – the young ladies in independent living also are given the opportunity for their own nature adventure – with a glamping spin.     

Last year 10 of our young ladies enjoyed a two day adventure at Indian Lake with a stay in an Air BnB. From the very start they were excited and had a positive attitude to try new things.

Rain showers appeared for this trip too, the girls made the most of it playing in the rain. They swam in the lake and took turns in the canoe.

Our staff leaders said these two hours they spent outside could be best described as PURE JOY.

Will you help our teens experience JOY this summer season?

This trip helped to expand horizons for our young women – they were amazed by how nice the house was. They learned they could travel and do these fun things with their friends…and one day their family.

The girls were challenged to put together recipes and cook a meal together. Upon sitting down to their feast one of the girls said…

“I’ve never had a family meal where we cooked together…this is what I want for my life, family time.”

There is no such thing as a small or meaningless gift – every dollar goes straight to our kids and creates lifelong positive memories. This transition in life is so important and influential for our young people, with your help we can continue to make a big impact.

With your support our young men will return to Red River Gorge and our young ladies will visit Mammoth Cave. Both adventures will include excursions, hiking, team building and good food. In total we anticipate inviting 16 kids between the two trips. 

Support our teen nature adventures and open the door to new experiences, click here to DONATE!

Questions? Contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesohio.org or 937-264-0084 ext. 122.

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