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May Fundraiser | Help Celebrate our High School Graduates

Graduation is a time to celebrate! Only 50% of foster youth obtain a high school diploma. Graduation is an EXTRA big deal for our youth. As their peers prepare to celebrate with lots of family and pomp and circumstance, our youth don’t always have the same celebration.

We currently have 10 youth preparing to graduate – will you help them celebrate? 2 are in foster care, 8 are in our independent living program. They are 17 and 18 years old. They get themselves up for school. They fix their own meals. Many of them work a part time job. They do their own shopping. They do NOT have a strong family support system. They do NOT have a parent or relative posting a list of all of their accomplishments and sharing pictures of their years in school.

Our kids need to be CELEBRATED 🎉🎓 and we are asking you to help us do it. Our staff and foster parents will be their cheerleading section! Help us surprise them with a little bit more. Receiving flowers, balloons, and a gift card or two will mean so much for the graduates in our programs.

Four ways to donate:

These kids are GRADUATING!!! Some are going on to College and others will go out into the workforce. Help us celebrate their achievement! 

Questions? Contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesohio.org or 937-264-0084 ext. 122.

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