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Musical Passion | Help a Foster Youth with Recording Software

When the youth in our programs can find an interest, like music, and it becomes their passion we get really excited. Most of us know that music can be a great therapeutic tool for expressing emotions.  So of course CHOICES was excited to learn about Alex and his passion for music.

Alex started writing poetry in the 5th grade and won contest.  Winning the contest motivated him to keep writing poetry and in 6th grade he explored putting the poetry to different beats.  At age 16 Alex was placed in a group home, and the group home had a music studio. (How cool? Right?)  During this time he was able to practice making music more and more and begin to think about it as a potential career.

It certainly was fate…when Alex came to CHOICES the home he was placed in happened to also have a music studio.  Alex has been able to continue putting together his lyrics and beats and has purchased some equipment and software.  Alex shared with his caseworker that he loves doing music because he likes to share his story, and he is getting feedback he is inspiring others too!

Alex has performed at different parties, churches, radio stations and on blogs.  Alex has been saving money to purchase Propellerhead Reason 7, and we would love to help him reach his goal.  To donate to Alex’s love of music and help him continue to live his passion you can click here. 

Music has definitely had a positive influence on Alex’s life, and we want to see him continue to embrace his interest.  Any donations we receive we will purchase a gift card that he can put towards what he has saved for the software.

Checks can be mailed to: CHOICES, Inc. 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439  For Questions or more information please contact: Ashley Schiffer, Development Director, (937) 264-0084 ext.122 or aschiffer@choicesfostercare.com

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