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No Wish Left Behind | Reynolds & Reynolds Sponsors Multiple Families for Christmas

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Now that the Christmas season is over we want to get back to our #feelgoodfriday posts! We have been holding onto this one for a couple weeks.

For the second year the marketing department at Reynolds & Reynolds has adopted a family living in Dayton for Christmas.  They go above and beyond to get the things the kids need, but also some bigger items they may want. We were delighted when they wanted to sponsor another family in 2014.

The family we matched them with had extreme needs. They had recently experienced homelessness and have been working with another organization to obtain housing. During December they had been in a temporary housing situation. The group at Reynolds & Reynolds always appreciates details so we shared this with them, and that mom also had all of their belongings in a storage unit. She was months behind on payment and in jeopardy of losing everything.

We were very surprised, grateful and excited when we received a call on December 12th, the group had put their heads together to do a fundraising effort at Reynolds & Reynolds to help Mom catch up on payment for the storage unit.  Not knowing how it was going to go they didn’t share the idea with us until it was in full swing.

A good old fashioned bake sale and sharing the family’s story helped raise $926.40. This was more than enough to help mom with the back pay on the storage unit and pay for another month.

When our caseworker delivered the gifts and told her about the storage payment Mom was in tears. She shared that she knew Christmas would be very small for her kids. She was worried ever day about losing everything, and felt blessed beyond measure to receive such a generous gift.

Oh but we’re not done yet! The team was able to use some of the additional funds to provide gifts to other kids that started our programs in the final weeks of December. The OEM team was also able to provide over $700 in donations to sponsor 2 families.  With the OEM team support we purchased a crib and other items for a new mom of twins and clothing and gift cards for a family of 4.

We are extremely grateful to everyone at Reynolds & Reynolds who helped grant an extraordinary amount of wishes this Christmas season. Your generosity meant that every request was fulfilled, even up until the final days leading up to Christmas.

Thank you for making Christmas 2014 a joyous time for the families we serve!

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