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Partnerships Make A Difference | IL Youth Gets A Bike From the LEC

One thing we all recognize here at CHOICES is that there many people and organizations that make a difference in the lives of our kids.  We recognize that we can’t do it all alone, and when our kid has a specific need we are blessed to be connected to other organizations in the area who can help.  Our staff is often sharing community resources with one another for our foster kids and our home-based families.

Robert B. is in our independent living program, and like many foster youth does not have a driver’s license. He has used a bike to get to and from work, an important component to our IL program.  Unfortunately, Robert’s bike was vandalized and then later stolen making getting to work more difficult for him.

Robert’s caseworker, Todd, suggested that they should contact the Life Enrichment Center to see if they could help.  The LEC is located in Dayton, and has a special bike shoppe and program to help those receiving help from the LEC earn a bike.   Robert wrote a letter explaining his situation to the LEC and asked if they would be able to help him.

The LEC called Robert back within a week, they needed to know how tall he was and how much he weighed to custom make a bike for him.  They gave an approximate time that the bike would be finished.  Todd took Robert to pick up the bike, and reports that Robert was absolutely beaming with excitement when he saw the specially made bicycle.  They were even kind enough to give him a sturdy lock to make sure it wasn’t stolen again.

We truly thank the LEC for helping Robert and many of our kids and families, from the clothing room, to allowing us to use space for one on one sessions you have been a great partner in service.

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