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Sarah visits Washington D.C. for the First Time

One of our foster youth had a last minute chance to attend a school trip to Washington D.C. Sarah went with other Graham Middle School 8th grade students on a 5 day trip to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. Another student wasn’t able to go and the Principal allowed for her to turn in our permission slip last minute and go at no cost. Both of Sarah’s Clark County caseworkers worked really hard to get the trip approved by the county on a VERY short notice, especially since it was the week of Thanksgiving.

Sarah had a wonderful time and most of all enjoyed visiting all of the monuments. She told her worker about visiting the Holocaust museum and said it was really sad. The trip was a great opportunity for Sarah to learn more about American History and she enjoyed time with her friends, especially at the dance. Sarah’s foster mom reports that she hasn’t stopped talking about the trip since she got back!

A big thank you to the school for making this opportunity possible on short notice and Clark County getting all of their paperwork in order as well.


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