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September of Opportunity | Help Kaylee attend her Washington DC Class Trip

Kaylee is a 13 year old girl in our foster care program, and she has received some great news…a spot has opened up for her to attend her 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. 

You see, Kaylee was previously in a different home, and when she switched schools the sign up for the trip was complete and fundraising had started.  The school has notified her that a spot is now open and has even offered some funds to help with the total cost of the trip.

The team at CHOICES is beyond delighted that she isn’t missing out. We know how memorable this trip to our Nation’s Capital can be. Kaylee will be able to visit monuments and museums, and enjoy the company of her peers.

$110 is the remaining balance to fully fund Kaylee’s trip.  Her county has offered $225 towards the trip and her foster parents will provide spending money and a digital camera to document the event.

Will you help Kaylee with this memorable opportunity? Donate easily online by clicking here.

Kaylee is an A-B student and enjoys school. She also recently started dance lessons, another positive experience and healthy activity. Kaylee is also in therapy and very engaged in the process. We know great things lie ahead as she continues to set new goals.

Thank you for helping us provide a September of Opportunity to kids in foster care.

Questions? Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at apester@choicesfostercare.com or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.

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