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September of Opportunity| Weighted Blanket for 6 Year Old Connor

Our first September of Opportunity request is for Connor. He is 6 years old and just started to receive in-home therapy through our home-based services program.

Connor is a sweet boy that has been diagnosed with Autism and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. His Dad is working very hard to provide the best care for him and decrease his outbursts. CHOICES will work with him to connect him to other services, but most importantly we will work with Connor on his behaviors.

The one thing his Dad knows helps Connor is a weighted blanket, in the past he had one and it really helped calm him when he would have outbursts. When Connor’s living situation changed between parents the blanket disappeared.

As Connor begins his sessions with CHOICES we would really like to provide a new blanket for him. A local resource has recommended SensaCalm blankets for children with autism. The blankets come in different sizes and different weights according to the child’s weight.

Today we are asking for your help in raising $130 to purchase Connor a spider man weighted blanket in his size. (no worries no extra charge for cool fabrics) We have talked with SensaCalm and they are able to give us a percentage off the regular price. Will you help Connor with this therapy tool? Are there 5 of you that can spare $25-$30 to help Connor with a more peaceful day to day?

Giving online is simple, just click here and select your designation as Connor’s weighted blanket. Checks are also accepted, please contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesfostercare.com or (513) 659-8202. This is just so we can order once his need is fulfilled!

Thank you for being a part of our September Opportunity and don’t forget to share with your friends this month!

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