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Specific Household Items Needed | Mother Reunifying with Children

We are looking for some specific items to help a mother reunify with her children in July or August.  CHOICES has a program called Family Preservation. CHOICES specifically works with Mom, Dad or both to connect the parent to resources in the community. The parent then also works to meet goals with a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

One of our Mom’s is close to reaching her goal of reunification. Right now they are in the custody of the Grandmother.  Mom has leniency with visits and will be going to court later this month to determine custody.

We would like to help her with some of the key items needed to create a welcoming home environment for the kids. It is our hope that our supporters have some of these items waiting to find a new home, or would be willing to purchase or donate funds for us to get what she needs.

Here is what we are looking for according to each of her kids:

6 year old girl:

  • Sheets for twin bed
  • Floor Lamp
  • Size 8 clothing and size 13 shoes (gently used is fine)
  • Box spring for twin bed
  • Curtains and curtain rod


9 year old boy:

  • Sheets for twin bed and comforter
  • Floor Lamp
  • Size boys XL or men’s small clothing and size 2 shoe (gently used is fine)
  • Curtains and curtain rod


Other household needs:


  • Cleaning supplies: broom, mop & bucket, floor cleaning product, general cleaners, sponges, dish soap


If you can help with these items please contact Ashley Schiffer at aschiffer@choicesfostercare.com or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.  If you wish to donate online you can do so by clicking here. (for designation please choose home-based services)

The CHOICES caseworker will work with Mom and the kids to get them all involved in cleaning and setting up weekly chores.

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