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Success Story | 13 Year Old Kaitlyn Adopted by Foster Mom

Ashleigh, Kaitlyn, Julie
Kaityln with her caseworker, Ashleigh Wilcox and Julie (Mom)

We are sending congratulations to Kaitlyn and her foster mom Julie – Katie had her adoption hearing today and has officially joined Julie’s family.  Katie has been in foster care with CHOICES for three years and Julie’s home was her first placement and now her forever family. 

Julie has been fostering for 13 years and has an older adopted son as well. When Julie started to foster with us she had no plans of adopting… we hear this time and time again from our parents but things can quickly change when unbreakable bonds are formed.

At the adoption hearing the Judge asked Katie why she wanted to be adopted by Julie and she responded with a big smile, “Julie has been more of a mother to me in the last 3 years than my biological mom was the first 10 years of my life.” At this time Julie grabbed Katie’s hand and there was not a dry eye in the room, many happy tears for Julie and Katie.

Julie and fam

In tradition the Judge allowed for Katie to make a rule for the day using the gavel and the order of the day became: Julie had to do anything Katie wanted for the remainder of the afternoon.

Judge gavel

We are curious what Julie had to do for Katie the rest of the day…we are guessing a fun adoption celebration and maybe a few silly things too. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful family by sharing their story with someone else today!

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