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Success Story | Foster Youth’s Heart on the Mend


“J” has been placed in one of our foster homes for over a year. During this time she has been receiving behavioral health counseling to help her through trauma and learn how to control her behaviors better.

J is seven years old and has struggled at school and in her foster home setting, her goal is to improve her behavior choices.  This week we have some good news to share about J’s progress in therapy.  Jessica, her therapist, showed up for her session and was delighted to hear that J has had a good week at home and school.

Jessica asked J to share about her week by drawing a picture of herself.   J anxiously drew herself with her heart, towards the bottom she drew a heart with a small line down the middle and around both a bunch of letters and numbers.  Upon completion Jessica requested that J tell her about the picture.

J shared that for the first time her heart wasn’t broken anymore.  She drew herself with an unbroken heart because she has had a happy heart this week.  While her heart isn’t broken, J shared that it is on the mend…which explains the line. She emphasized it wasn’t jagged like a broken heart, that she is healing.  J said because she has a happy heart she did well in school last week and drew the letters and numbers.

Wow, that is pretty insightful for a 7 year old. We are very joyful to hear about J’s mending heart.  Providing therapy and mental health services to children in our programs and outside our programs is another service CHOICES offers.


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