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Success Story: Giving our Kids a Choice

Today Jacob will move from his foster home to his Grandparent’s with his other siblings. Jacob is 14 years old and was able to have input into his plan to transition to the temporary custody of relatives. He had to choose between moving with his siblings to his Grandparent’s home prior to Christmas or finishing out his first semester of High School and staying with his foster mom in Springfield.

We are so proud that Jacob made a very mature and adult decision to stay in Springfield to finish out the semester. He told his worker that he felt it was best for his grades to stay and complete the semester in Springfield. Jacob was very nervous about taking exams for the first time and felt it was best to take them at a school he was familiar with.

His siblings moved to his Grandparent’s while he stayed in Springfield for an extra 3 or 4 weeks. He was able to spend Christmas with his family and has been visiting every week Friday-Sunday. Jacob will reunite with his family today and we wish him all the best with his transition.



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