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Success Story | Overcoming Trauma

Last week a 7 year old girl in our Home-Based Services program had a special treat for her last visit with our CHOICES worker.

This young lady was receiving services due to some traumatic events in her childhood. The events caused the girl to have daily outbursts of violence, her worker gave her techniques to control her anger. She also experienced high levels of anxiety, and as a coping mechanism, she would twirl her hair.  The amount of hair twirling caused clumps of hair to fall out.

After a year of hard work she has progressed to where she doesn’t need our services. On her last visit her CHOICES worker took her out for a celebration. The young girl went to a salon and was able to get her hair cut and styled to hide the patches that had fallen out.  Her worker also took her to get a hair dryer before the end of the session.

Thank you to the stylist who donated her services for this young lady. We are happy that she was able to celebrate her hard work and success.

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