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Success Story | Repairing Family Relationships

Today we want to share a success story from our Home-Based Services program. Our caseworkers work primarily with the youth but there is also a focus on helping the family through crisis or conflict.

 Lezley who is 16, was referred to us to help improve her family life. She is a mother to a 1 year old baby; she wasn’t happy with her current living situation and hadn’t spoken to her Dad in quite some time.  Initially she did not want to receive services, but eventually came around.

 Lezley received family counseling for three months, and after that time her worker was able to successfully close her case. Communication has improved within the family as a whole, Lezley has started to repair the relationship with her Father. She is also currently doing better with her living situation with Grandpa and her baby.

 We are glad she reconsidered our services and was able to improve things for her family.

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