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Success Story | Reunifying with Dad

This week we are celebrating the reunification of 12 year old Camron and his father. Camron has been in our foster care program for close to 8 months.

Camron’s foster mom is happy about his reunification, and knew he was excited about going home.  The foster mom surprised Camron with a going away cookout last weekend, prior to his official court hearing.  She thought it was important to include his biological family in the celebration too.

Camron’s biological family, including Dad, and the extended foster family he had gotten to know the last 8 months were all invited.  It is great to see that these two families have worked together, all with the same goal….what is best with Camron.

His foster mom was sure to make all of his favorite things, BBQ ribs, brats, potato salad, green beens, coleslaw and of course mac and cheese! He told his caseworker that he ate so much he was stuffed.  Camron and his family enjoyed the cookout and celebration, he officially moved in with Dad on Thursday.

We are wishing Camron and Dad the best in this transition process!

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