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Summer Activities Fun | A Foster Parent’s Involvement

It is almost back to school time, and we are finishing out the last of summer activities here at CHOICES. Our families and kids have had the pleasure of an Olympics Day, visiting the Columbus Zoo, Kings Island and Coney Island.

Kings Island has been a long time favorite of our kids and families. We love to share the fun they have with others, for many of our kids it is their first visit to an amusement park. We received a great report from the caseworker for Ms. B and the children in home.

Ms. B is the foster mom that agreed to take in the sibling group of 5 earlier this year. A trip to Kings Island was certainly something the kids looked forward to. Ms. B took a friend to help with the foster children (and her own) and her CHOICES caseworker tagged along too.

Ms. B was very hands on with all of the kids, who really enjoyed the rides at Planet Snoopy. The CHOICES caseworker reported that she couldn’t tell which children were foster children and which were biological, as they were each treated the same.

The family stayed at Kings Island until the park closed to see the fireworks, the perfect ending to a fun filled day. Ms. B is thankful for CHOICES and it’s donors to provide tickets and meal vouchers to her family and the kids. The 5 siblings are wonderful children, and she was glad to be a part of a fun day with them. Thank you CHOICES and supporters for making a lifetime memory for everyone.

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