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Summer Activity Wish | Summer Horse Camp


Each summer the CHOICES staff works diligently to provide a line up of summer activities for the youth we serve and find other individual activities kids would enjoy.

Jenny would love to have the experience of attending horse camp, 2 years ago she had to move away from Missouri and she misses caring for animals. We are looking for some caring horse lovers out there to donate $100 towards her experience as CHOICES will be able to donate $100 from our extra funds to cover the $200 cost.

Jenny came to us with struggling with anxiety, depression which she expressed through self harming behaviors and substance abuse. There was also substantial conflict with her Mother.  She has worked hard in her 9 weeks of therapy so far and has made great progress. Jenny is working to repair her relationship with Mom, she has had no self harming behaviors or substance abuse in 8 weeks.

Jenny is able to express her trauma from the past and recognize her self worth. She loves animals and has mentioned this camp to her therapist a couple times.  Her therapist believes this experience will only encourage her more to not go back to her past behaviors.

Can you  donate and help Jenny have this wonderful week long experience? Make this opportunity happen by donating online by clicking here.  Checks can be mailed to: CHOICES, Inc. 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439.

Questions? Contact Ashley Schiffer, Development Director, at (937) 264-0084 ext. 122 or aschiffer@choicesfostercare.com

Thank you for saying YES to our kids!

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