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Thank You CHOICES & Donors from a Foster Parent

Wow it has been a quick summer, but it was full of activities for our families and kids. So much of what we do is only made possible by your year-round support of our kids.  Thank you!

This past week we have received some very heartfelt thank you’s from our foster parents to CHOICES and our donors. We want to share some of their thank you messages with all of you.  Together we are all working hard to care for local youth in our programs!


We would like to take the opportunity to thank CHOICES for all the activities, that brought so much joy to our entire family, this summer. These outings are another layer of support that makes working with CHOICES so enjoyable. From the reports we get from foster parents of others agencies; their agencies don’t do very much for their foster children during the summer. Unlike the others, the children in our home went hiking, to Kings Island, Columbus zoo, Coney Island and the CHOICES picnic. CHOICES also tries to mix things up by looking for other outings to offer so we don’t do the same things year after year.

Thank you for the donation of school supplies for Emma, Breuana, Shelby and Cheyenne. Your support in the children’s educational needs is truly appreciated. I assure you that the supplies will be put to good use. We also want to note how the children look forward to going to the training conferences. The CHOICES’s staff do a good job of finding fun activities for the children to do while foster parents are getting their training hours. We thank CHOICES and their sponsors for activities provided to everyone in our foster home family. These are the type to things that help make CHOICES’s the best foster care agency to be a foster parent for. We appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

 Thanks to you all.

Roger and Mary

CHOICES Foster Parents of 5 years


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