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Thankful Thursday | A Surprise for a Foster Parent

We have another great story to share with you about the special bond formed between a foster youth and foster parent.

Felicia has been fostering with CHOICES for almost 5 years. She is dedicated to working with teenage boys,  holds them accountable for their decisions, and provides a caring home for them.  A couple weeks ago she received a special surprise for her birthday.

Ras, is 14 and was placed with Felicia for over a year, he had recently reunited with his Grandmother. But, Ras did not forget Miss Felicia’s birthday and wanted to give her a special surprise. The evening of her birthday there was a knock on her door late at night…Felicia really didn’t know who would be coming to her house this late at night…

….when she opened the door she was delighted to see Ras, his Grandmother and family standing there with a cake, balloons and greeting her with birthday wishes. This young man had remembered her birthday months after leaving her home, and expressed to his family he wanted to do something special for Miss Felicia, as she was a big part of his life and Ras thought Felicia should know that.

Our kids have really big hearts, and our whole staff was delighted to that Felicia shared this story with us.

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