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The Forever Family Walk Stops at CHOICES

We love it when social media and digital marketing result in amazing outcomes…we see it often when we can connect to our donors.  But we can also connect to other advocates and partners on a national level.

Back in July we received a phone call from Jarett Wilkins from The Forever Family Walk. He was in the planning stages of a 6,000 mile journey across the US that will take up to 2 years. Jarett told us, “I wanted to this walk because there’s a voice out here in America that is silent at a time when it has the right to be a roar.”

The Forever Family Walk will stop in many states and visit a few organizations, advocates, partners or agencies involved in child welfare. Jarett researched online and hand picked organizations and began to contact them to see their level of interest.

When it came to Jarett’s visit in Ohio…of course the CHOICES team said YES! We definitely wanted to share about our programs, and the amazing support the community provides to youth in our programs.

Yesterday Jarett visited the CHOICES family and got to meet a good number of our staff during our monthly all staff meeting.  Following the meeting our management team had an interview session with Jarett. (Later, he will transcribe the interview and you will be able to read it)

Forever Family Walk2


We shared a meal and then sent Jarett out with Robert Bruce to meet a current independent living youth and an emancipated youth. He was able to interview them and get a better understanding of the issues youth “aging out” of foster care face.

We hope that Jarett enjoyed his time with us and we thank him for selecting CHOICES to represent Ohio.  You can continue to follow his journey on facebook by clicking here.

The Forever Family Walk will connect many voices to discuss the issues of foster care, adoption, aging out, LGBTQ youth, homeless youth, human trafficking, policies, budget issues and mental health issues.

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