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Urgent Need | Independent Living Youth needs Clothes

From time to time we have an urgent need with one of our kids, and we do our best to fulfill a void in the lives of our young people. We only do this with your support, and we have an important request today.

Elizabeth is in our Independent Living program and came to us with old and very worn clothes. Since then she has out grown the clothes, but did receive some support from her county to purchase new ones. Since Elizabeth needed all the basics and everyday clothes it didn’t get her much. She currently has one small laundry basket of clothes and is in need of some more.

One of the requirements for our IL program is that our youth find and maintain a job, and not having the appropriate clothing is hindering her opportunities.  Elizabeth could really use $150 gift card to Wal-mart for her caseworker to take her shopping and get appropriate clothing. Having new clothing would also be a confidence boost for this young lady as she struggles with the transition and finding employment.

This is where we need your help, whether it is one generous person or many that come together we want to help Elizabeth out in this time of need.  It’s simple… if six people could donate $25 we could make sure this young lady is prepared.

You can easily donate online via our website here.  Any donations that come in over the next couple days we will make sure go to helping Elizabeth get clothing.

You can also mail checks or Wal-mart gift cards to our office:  1785 Big Hill Rd  Dayton, Ohio 45439

Contact Ashley Schiffer with any questions aschiffer@choicesfostercare.com or (937)264-0084 ext. 122.

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