Urgent Youth Request | College Visit Funding

The basis of our independent living program is to meet young people where they are, identify their goals, and help them get there. Through this process we teach them life skills and lay the foundation for success. They have to do the work – and have a vision!

Evontay has a vision, he has done the work and now he needs your help! We know that you believe funding should not be a hurdle to helping our kids attain their goals.

Evontay recognized that technology could be used to help him start the next chapter in his life. He is an amazing football player and created some highlight clips of his football skills. He then tweeted them out tagging many coaches who can help him with this process. Within 30 minutes he had a few phone calls from coaches ready to start the conversation.

He now has two schools interested in meeting him in person located in California – Fullerton College and Saddleback College. He would be playing football for either, practicing with Division I schools with the hopes of making it BIG.  Both schools work hard to get their players face time in front of larger colleges. This will give Evontay the chance to advance.  He has been supported in this endeavor by his CHOICES worker and HEMI mentor.

Evontay is excited – any teen would be! We need your help to fund the trip. This is a big life change and Evontay has never been on a plane. We need to be sure he will like the change, campus atmosphere and coaching staff of either college. Each will outline campus life, football opportunities and what they can offer him. He will be accompanied by his CHOICES Independent Living specialist to help him navigate this process.

As you can imagine this opportunity is incredibly rare, and we encourage all of our kids to DREAM BIG. You can be a dream creator for Evontay! We are looking to raise $2,000 to help with the cost of this trip. The custodial county agency is also funding half of this opportunity!

Time is of the essence – your support is needed today as he has interviews set up on May 8th and 9th.  Donate easily online directly to Evontay’s College Visit Fund by clicking here.

You may be wondering, what if football doesn’t work out? How will he pay for tuition at either school? This is a very real discussion his support team has had with him.  Evontay is very intelligent and will pursue his education with seriousness. He hasn’t made an official decision with his studies but is leaning heavily towards Criminal Justice. His tuition (even while out of state) will be almost paid in full due to the funds he will receive from being a ward of the state.  He should not have to take out any student loans while pursuing his academics and football career.

The CHOICES family is so excited for Evontay and this opportunity. We believe this is the first step in something GREAT for his future. We want you to also be a part of it!

Questions? Contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesfostercare.com or (513) 659-8202. Checks can be mailed to CHOICES, Inc. 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439

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