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Youth Need | Back to School Activity Fund

School is so much more than learning formulas, facts, and figures for our kids. Last year many of our kids excelled academically, in fact over sixty of our foster youth received good grades throughout the year. Twelve of those kids had good grades all four quarters of the year.

Last year your donations were nothing short of amazing! They were able to help newly placed foster youth throughout the whole school year. Donations were so great that our need for school supplies this year is minimal.

This year is unique, we have enough school supply fund reserves and tangible items they we are putting our school supply drive on pause! This year we are asking for your help in creating an all-encompassing impact for our school-aged children.  We hope that you will consider supporting our activity fund for the 2019-20 school year!

What we know is that kids who are in foster care greatly benefit from the social interaction of youth sports, clubs and the arts. We also know that funding becomes the biggest hurdle in their participation in these activities. You can help us change that!

Marcus was in our foster care program a couple years ago, was struggling to build a relationship with his foster parents, express his feelings and needs, and lacked motivation to attend school. A couple months into the school year, he showed interest in trying out for the wrestling team.

Donation funds helped pay for his pay to play fees and his foster parents purchased his shoes and other equipment. He loved wrestling! He learned how to deal with other authority figures, the persistence of learning new moves and was able to build relationships with his peers and his foster parents.

Another really cool thing happened with Marcus, he suddenly looked forward to school…he liked the anticipation of preparing for a match and worked hard to complete homework timely in order to focus on his training.

Marcus also recognized that he was not getting in trouble at school anymore either. He finished the quarter more self-confident, with better grades and no behavior issues. Marcus was loving the young man he had transformed into. This growth made possible because people like you were willing to fund this extra-curricular activity.

That’s not all! Here is the really cool thing about Marcus. This moment was so transformative for him that he knew come springtime he needed some kind of activity to keep him busy and motivated.  He was not especially excited about any of the sports choices. On a whim, he decided he would give theater a go! He loved it and had a lead role in the play…something he never thought he would be doing. The same results continued with his grades and relationships. Now he had learned overcoming fear to try new things!

Your support of our extra-curricular fund for youth will create special growing moments for our kids. Last year we were able to fund 30 school related donation requests from our kids. With your help we want to grant 50 or more requests!

Donate easily online by clicking here to support our activity fund! Every donation counts and will help us grant requests all school year! Our average request for an activity is between $100-$125. However, we do receive larger requests to help with class trips to Washington DC.

Questions? Please contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesfostercare.com or 937-264-0084 ext. 122.

Funds for instruments, club fees and sports are only available with your support! Your donation will help kids like Marcus who are trying something new for the first time or continuing their love of an activity.


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