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Employee of the Quarter | Samantha McFadden

For the second quarter of FY21 we would like to recognize Samantha McFadden for Living the Mission of CHOICES. She has been committed to recruiting foster parents for CHOICES from the moment she interviewed. Samantha is genuine and compassionate and works hard to make all foster parents feel a part of the CHOICES mission from day 1.

Samantha has two speeds fast and faster.  She is a get it done, and get it done correctly and quickly, kind of person. Her role at CHOICES was new and she embraced our strategic goals for recruitment to pave her own plan to find potential foster parents. Her vision has been instrumental in building our social media and online visibility and helping us develop a new licensing process. Due to staffing changes and COVID her job tasks have rapidly changed. Samantha is always willing to take on “other duties as assigned” and help her team and the agency in a time of need. She consistently goes the extra mile for our potential foster parents, whether it is answering late night questions, picking up paperwork at their house, or showing them how to use zoom for training – you can count on Samantha to be a helping hand.

Knowing that so many children are waiting for a safe and stable home motivates Samantha in recruiting families. She has been able to identify the feelings or questions that hold families back from coming to training or completing the process. Samantha works hard in providing a comprehensive picture of the licensing and placement process. She works to connect parents to the foster care team as a whole. More than anything, she wants parents to feel welcome and included in the agency. Samantha is always willing to help parents acclimate to the next steps.

Samantha has led the charge in increasing our number of families in the licensing process in her first year. Her results have exceeded what we could have dreamed, especially given the pandemic challenges. She embraced our mission on her very first day and has never lost sight of brining change to the youth we serve.


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