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Our Programs

CHOICES brings change to youth and families by providing personalized services and building safe environments. CHOICES is recognized as a leader in foster care, youth mental health, independent living, and family preservation services in Southwest Ohio. 

We believe in providing safe environments for children and families. We are committed to bringing change to each individual’s circumstances to help them achieve their personal, case plan, or therapy goals. 

Foster Care

CHOICES, Inc. operates the Foster Care Program with the philosophy that youth benefit from being in a least restrictive, safe, structured environment that stimulates and supports positive change and meets their physical, emotional and educational needs. CHOICES, Inc. uses a best practice approach that is informed by the most current research to guide behavioral change through a multi-disciplinary team. CHOICES uses a team approach to provide the best possible outcomes for youth.

Home-Based Services

The goal of our Home-Based Services Program is to help families stay together and thrive. Often, good families have developmental challenges that an objective professional can help guide the family to wellness. If you are unsure if you child can benefit from our in-home outpatient mental health services we invite you to learn more about our program offerings. 

Independent Living

CHOICES proudly supports a scattered site Independent Living Program (IL) in Dayton and Cincinnati. This program began in 1988 as a key vision of our co-founders. CHOICES IL program became the second program of its kind in the state of Ohio. During this time our co-founder, Anita Patten, was crucial in writing federal legislation to support the aging out population in the US. 


Each year of 400,000 young adults “age out” of foster care with little to no support.  Youth leaving foster care are truly one of the most vulnerable populations in America. Our independent living program helps youth obtain education, explore vocation and address their mental health needs.

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