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Employee of the Quarter | Sashauni Johnson

This quarter we would like to recognize Sashauni Johnson for Living the Mission of CHOICES. Sashauni is always smiling and presents with a positive attitude.

She works with a very challenging caseload that requires her to spend extra attention in helping youth maintain stability and work to meet their goals. Sashauni excels working with independent living youth despite having to navigate difficult attitudes, challenging biological family members, and troubling life situations. She always maintains a high level of professionalism with her youth and child welfare peers.

Despite some of the difficulties working with our young people, Sashauni continues to be strength-based with her youth and always reports their positive achievements. Her supervisor has received glowing comments from county workers and GAL workers. One attribute that stands out is her ability to role model what it is to be hard working, committed and a professional leader in her community.

CHOICES recognizes her ability to connect to young people, hold them accountable for their actions, ask tough questions, but also show empathy and caring. Sashauni is a huge source of encouragement and hope for youth. She does a great job pushing them out of their comfort zones and supporting them through the unknowns in life.  Since joining the CHOICES family Sashauni has been in some compromising situations with her clients. She has been in harm’s way more than once and has handled those situations like a champ. Despite all of this, she maintains a friendly demeanor with everyone she comes in contact with.

It is our pleasure to recognize Sashauni for her hard work and dedication to the independent living youth in Cincinnati. We are honored and blessed to have a passionate, committed, and skilled worker to show our kids how to LIVE in a world of chaos.


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