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Foster Parent Spotlight | Growing our Family with Foster Care

When Monte and Jesse met they both had a strong desire to be parents. Knowing that biologically they could not have children they weighed many options. After being together for 10 years they were ready to start their family, and they knew there were plenty of children who needed one. They researched extensively and after a couple months of marriage started the foster parent licensing procedure with CHOICES.

Monte and Jesse became licensed parents in 2016 and have had five children placed in their home. While providing a safe home is important they also get to provide love and guidance to children who need it the most. They have been faced with some difficult situations. They meet youth where they are, help them learn basic skills, and excel in their own ways. Both are also willing to help other foster parents with transportation of kids, support and advice.

Chad was placed with them at age 9, and due to severe neglect as a young child he was lacking many basic life skills. Chad was left alone in a room with his brother multiple hours a day. He never learned how to bathe, brush his teeth, and came to Monte and Jesse still wearing diapers. They worked with him to learn these basic skills including proper toilet training, bathing, and how to eat at the dinner table. Monte and Jesse did this with love and patience and helped Chad become independent in his bedtime routine.

They believe there are definitely ups and downs on the fostering road. After much discussion with biological parents they believe foster parenting to be very similar. Both parents fear the same world they are trying to prepare the child for will hurt that child. They also worry that your parenting isn’t enough for your child. Monte and Jesse want the children in their home to know they are there to help them and they are not their enemy.

They encourage anyone with the desire for a family to consider fostering!

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