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Foster Parent of the Year | Rebecca Williams

When asked to describe this year’s foster parent of the year, several characteristics quickly came to mind – patient, caring, supportive, therapeutic, resilient and committed to name a few. Although the list of placements is shorter than most, it’s indicative of the long-standing commitment and impact she has had and continues to have in her work with youth and families. From respites to placements, the passion remains the same – this year’s foster parent of the year is Rebecca Williams!

Rebecca joined the CHOICES family in 2018 with a motivation to identify barriers and help youth to overcome them and expressed a desire to connect youth to resources and provide them with a support to help them grow. Ms. Williams has absolutely done that and so much more. Ms. Williams has met every challenge and barrier with a sense of resiliency and advocacy that is second to none. When youth in her care hit their lowest, throwing in the towel has not been an option but rather an opportunity to connect with her support team and identify a new plan. Ms. Williams has worked incredibly hard to make sure she is an advocate on every team; she ensures she is present and involved to provide an effective outcome for her youth. Ms. Williams provides invaluable feedback and works to implement any supports the team has determined beneficial. She also never shies away from seeking out additional ways to ensure successful outcomes. Ms. Williams has been innovative in her approach to foster parenting and truly provides an environment and support system of kindness, patience, safety and security. Her desire to make sure every need is met and every option is weighed prior to making decisions is what truly displays her passion for our youth’s success. 

Ms. Williams is no stranger to sacrifices and gives her all in every situation. You will find her at almost every CHOICES event, every school meeting, and every activity.  One of the most notable works Ms. Williams has provided is her unwavering commitment to youth who presented challenges that had stumped even the professionals on the team. Ms. Williams continued to seek guidance while continuing to be a steady safe place where healing could occur. While most of the predictions of this youth’s future were unknown, there was certainty with her that she was going to do absolutely everything she could to ensure progress toward success. Ms. Williams provides a structure and routine that is individualized and intentional which has benefitted every youth that has been in her care and it has been a privilege to watch her navigate this fostering world with such ease.

Rebecca, we are so appreciative of everything you have done and will continue to do. You are unmatched in your efforts and we are incredibly thankful to have you on our team. Thank you for saying ‘yes’, for making a difference and for being a part of the CHOICES family. We could not do what we do without you, even more so, we do not know where your kids would be without you! Congratulations!

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