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CHOICES Staff #Teamwork Shout Outs

Our team is often working on exercises or giving examples of our core values at work! There was a lot of time and effort put into choosing the core values that make up CHOICES. When things get tough in the social work world – we often encourage our staff to seek our the core values at work. Our values of Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Compassion and Innovation are so intertwined with our work and programs that you don’t have to look too hard to see them in action.

During our last all staff meeting we asked for each team member to reflect upon TEAMWORK and share how they have seen it at work, or have experienced it themselves. It was really reassuring to see individuals work across programs to help our kids and families. A list of some of our faves (or those we could write down quick enough)

  • A new staff member shadowing a session and jumping right in with the youth and asking many questions after the session.
  • Bridges and Independent Living meeting more often and working together.
  • Home-based working with foster care to help a young lady and sharing ideas of what may work and what hasn’t worked.
  • A staff that usually works with young adults (with BIG opinions) being able to fill in for foster care visits and work with families and younger kids.
  • Linking with other providers to help clients.
  • Planning HBS fundraisers and team lunches for some fun and TEAMbuilding.
  • It was awesome to see staff from all departments at Dayton PRIDE. Special shout out to Brad who carried everything and set up the tent!
  • New staff sharing their training experiences with each other.
  • Transitioning kids to Bridges with advocacy of therapist.
  • ALL of CHOICES programs working together.
  • Teamwork while supporting staff with planned and unplanned medical leave. Ya all are the best!
  • Having a reliable group of people around me to SHOW me the way!

These examples and all those shared make us so proud of the growth we have experienced! We have had many new staff join our team and their eagerness to learn and our more seasoned staff putting in the time and work to train them is setting us up for success. Our programs thrive because of #teamwork!

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