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Employee of the Quarter: Kristen Rehl

For the final quarter of our fiscal year we would like to recognize Kristen Rehl for Living the Mission of CHOICES.  Her role is crucial to the functioning of all of our programs and the success of our organization. Kristen is an asset to our admin team; she is knowledgeable, approachable, internally motivated and super personable.  

While Kristen is responsible for accurate billing, she also maintains a large list of professional relationships. Starting with our staff and extending to all county partners. Overwhelmingly, everyone tells us she is great in offering support, help and guidance, but also just asking people how they are and what is new with them. We love her compassionate communication!

You could best describe Kristen as responsive and adaptable. She is quick to respond to any email request for information and can pivot easily from one task to another. Her mind is a steel trap, she is extremely detail oriented and loves spreadsheets and data. She is not afraid to ask for extra resources and help when needed, but also volunteers to take on new tasks if it helps make a process more efficient.

Kristen’s most recent achievement has been working through the state’s new PNM system to ensure all of our providers can bill Medicaid through CHOICES. Tasks in her world are constantly evolving and changing and she does a wonderful job adapting to these changes. She does not shy away from innovation and is always looking for ways to be more efficient. Kristen exudes teamwork in working with our programs to ensure accurate billing information. She has played a key part in developing tracking systems with our foster care placement coordinator.

While her job is “behind the scenes” and she works remotely, she is a key part of our staff. Interactions with her are meaningful and she often can bring a smile to your face. While many of us social work types are not numbers oriented, Kristen can always explain things in a way that is easily understood. She participates in our employee morale activities as much as she can from afar. Kristen is very hard working and organized; she does so much to help CHOICES be the best it can be financially. We appreciate you living the mission of CHOICES through our core values. 

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