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Employee of the Quarter: Renee Solomon

This quarter we would like to recognize Renee Solomon for Living the Mission of CHOICES.  Known as “Momma Renee” to her youth, she brings the perfect mix of caseworker, problem solver and nurturer.  She is a fantastic representative to our agency and upholds all core values.

This year, Renee has helped her young people overcome incarcerations, deportation, shootings, miscarriages, family violence, bed bugs, medical challenges and a myriad of school challenges. She continues to do this with a sense of humor, a strong spirit and a determination to help her young adults through these challenges. Renee does this, all the while, keeping the county providers in the loop and building strong support teams around her young people. With so many daily struggles, it would be easy for a worker to experience drained batteries and fatigue but not Renee.  She pushes on, communicates with the team and puts her client’s needs first. In even the darkest of days on the job, Renee will have a “let’s look on the bright side” attitude that makes us smile.  

Renee has a calm and pleasant disposition – she is a true team player, always willing to jump in and help. It has been enjoyable to watch her take on challenges. Her first year at Camp Kern she had never experienced many of the activities and pushed herself to try new things, setting a great example for youth.

You can expect Renee to be quick to offer help to her coworkers and mental health staff. She is more than willing to volunteer her services to help lighten the load of others. She even steps in to do the things that she is not most comfortable doing…*cough* public speaking *cough* because she is a team player. Renee has an infectious attitude and calm demeanor that serves her well in this job. We appreciate your willingness to challenge yourself to deliver exceptional programming to our youth.  Thank you for living the mission of CHOICES through our core values. 

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