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Employee of the Quarter | Sarah Selogic

For the fourth quarter we would like to recognize Sarah Selogic for Living the Mission of CHOICES. Sarah is always willing to take on challenges to help her youth regardless of the sacrifice she has to make. She does a great job building relationships and connecting to our youth.

We are in agreement that Sarah cares…REALLY CARES about each youth and their unique circumstances. She works to make foster care as enjoyable as she can for each of them. Sarah isn’t afraid of hard work! She is diligent with completing paper work on time and excels in providing CPST with each of her clients. Sarah is eager to learn and comes up with great ideas to serve her youth.

Sarah recently helped a young lady transition from one of her foster homes to the independent living program. She had developed a bond with this young lady and worked with all parties involved to make the transition easy for a youth that has trouble with adapting to change. This situation caught the eye of a Clark County caseworker who sings her praises for helping the youth transition with such compassion.  It is in her nature to go above and beyond for her youth and colleagues.

We love that Sarah is an encouraging and thoughtful coworker. She does a great job of expressing gratitude when someone helps her or offers guidance.  She shows great concern for foster parents and works hard to make sure their needs are met and questions are answered. Sarah takes great pride in being a social worker and values her role on the foster care team.

It is our pleasure to recognize Sarah for her hard work and dedication to our families. We love her cheerful and uplifting attitude in the office. Sarah’s can-do mentality and eagerness to learn is welcomed in all interactions. She embodies the dedication it takes to be a change maker in the lives of our youth. Congrats!



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