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Employee of the Quarter | Shelly Glassco

This quarter we would like to recognize Shelly Glassco for Living the Mission of CHOICES.  She is a dance in the rain provider, finding strengths and joy in every situation as a Parent Aide provider.

The families she works alongside are often in crisis, uncertain about services, and overwhelmed. Shelly is committed and compassionate in serving them. She has a strong calming presence while working in family homes and never gives up on them.  She gets to know and care about each family. She ensures they get to visits timely, connects to resources, and is innovative to help meet their needs; ultimately seeing them through to reunification. Shelly thinks “outside the box” and gets creative in teaching parents skills to manage their children and family.

Her teaching nature expands to helping CHOICES staff. She recently led an intervention convention session that was very impactful to all program staff. Each manager was impressed with her session and intervention skill.  Shelly has recently led a fundraising event with the HBS team, and does it all with a smile on her face.  She offers warm encouragement to other staff and makes sure to tell everyone in the office hello with a smile. You can catch her at every CHOICES event, offering to help and talking to staff and families.

Shelly’s recognition of success extends well beyond the office of CHOICES. Treatment team members, her clients, and Ohio RISE employees have made special efforts to praise the work she does with families. Most recently an Ohio RISE worker proclaimed Shelly is the best provider she has every worked with, stating shared families have struggled to engage with providers and Shelly’s care, compassion and follow through has made all the difference in their success.

It is with great pleasure we award you Employee of the Quarter for embodying our core values, especially compassion, trust and teamwork. We are grateful to have you on the CHOICES team affecting families in such a life changing way!

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